Tuesday 9 Oct 2018

Style tips from The O2’s most iconic performers

“People mistake fashion for Style”. David Bowie

Ever look in the wardrobe and feel a bit bored by what you’re seeing? We hear you!

But personal style is important. It’s a reflection of our personalities. Personal style is ultimately a choice you make when getting dressed every day.

With the rise of Instagram and celebrity culture, personal style is playing an ever-increasing part in the lives of celebrities and the rest of the world.

  • But what is style?
  • How do you become stylish?
  • What does what you’re wearing say about you?

At ICON Outlet, we’re channeling the style inspiration of the many iconic stars that grace our stages. Over our many years as a world-class entertainment venue, we have had the privilege of welcoming style icons from every decade.

Here we share with you some key things we’ve learned from some of the most iconic artists ever to perform at The O2.

1. Madonna

Years before the Gaga meat dress, and the Liz Hurley safety pin dress, Madonna was carving out a career with a style personality that screamed individuality.

Conical bras, military uniform, spandex and everything in between.

We wonder if the self-confessed “material girl” had any idea at the beginning of her career how much her choice of clothing would continue to impact fashion decades later.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself and experiment with completely different styles.

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2. Elton John

As we move towards Christmas party seasons, we can always expect a little extra flash of sparkle in our wardrobes.

So why has the shimmer, camp, and extroversion of the ’80s finally made it’s way back to the modern day?

We have our dear friend Elton to thank.

With the trend harking back to more hedonistic times, we’re taking style tips from a man who knew how to rock bling on headwear, glasses, blazers and dresses.

Elton may have sparked a revival, and when you look around this season you’ll notice accessories and full outfits glistening back at you.

Tip: Go big on the sparkly accessories. You can totally change the mood of the outfit (and the party), with some fun glasses or statement headgear.

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3. Kylie

First making wave’s as Neighbours sweetheart, Kylie arguably made the biggest impact on hairstyle choices in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the ‘6 week perm’.

Her style has evolved significantly, and this global icon is famed for THE golden hot pants that took us into the new millennium, sparkles, and full showgirl costume.

When interviewed about her personal style, she’s quoted to have said “that dress was a bit scandalous at the time”. But she did it anyway.

Kylie – we salute your sass.

Tip: If you want to make a real impact, you need to be willing to ruffle a few feathers!

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4. Prince

Prince’s artistic expression went way beyond his lyrics and melodies, and it is likely that he will be as well remembered for his style, as well as his music.

Dubbed the “Purple One”, there are no prizes for guessing Prince’s favourite colour. Stretching boundaries of gender, race and musical genre, Prince created his own fantastical style; the ultimate rock god.

To this day, his influence can be seen in modern artists including Kanye West.

Tip: Identify a signature colour or style that you will be remembered for.

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5. Beyoncé

Beyonce’s relationship with style runs deep. With little money growing up, her mother a seamstress, created all of her outfits as she started her dramatic rise to fame with Destiny’s Child.

When sharing her story, Beyonce said, “When I wore these clothes onstage, I felt like I had a suit of armour. It was so much deeper than any brand name. I couldn’t fail. This to me is the true power and potential of fashion. It’s a tool for finding your own identity, expression, and strength. It transcends style and is a time capsule of our greatest milestones.”

Tip: Choose clothes that make you feel empowered and fearless. A great outfit can do so much for your self-belief and confidence.

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Wherever you are in your style journey, remember that these incredible icons have been on a journey too.

Take inspiration from their courageous, artistic and exploratory approach to style, and we look forward to seeing you strut your stuff at ICON Outlet soon.



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