Spend £35 in ICON Outlet at The O2 and get 4 hours free parking. Read below about free parking terms and conditions:

    • This offer is valid from and including 09.08.2019
    • This offer is only available for customers parking in Car Park 2, Car Park 3 or Car Park 4 at The O2 and paying the hourly non-event parking tariffs
    • This offer is not valid in Car Park 1 or in conjunction with the pre-booked or pay on arrival arena event tariffs
    • Customers can only claim their 4 hours free parking on the same day as their monetary spend in ICON Outlet at The O2
    • Valid receipts from retail stores only within ICON Outlet at The O2 for the correct date and totalling £35 or more must be presented at either the Welcome Desk or Parking Office Reception Desk (in the car park office in Car Park 1) prior to customer leaving The O2 Car Parks
    • Eligible customers will receive their first 4 hours of parking for free. Any parking over 4 hours will incur the usual non-event hourly car park charges. The O2’s parking tariffs can be found here: www.theo2.co.uk/visit-us/parking
    • The offer is only valid in respect of monetary spend which is exclusively made at retail stores within ICON Outlet at The O2. Any monetary spend in any other venue or area of The O2 (including, without limitation, The O2 arena, any bars, cafes or restaurants within The O2 (including ICON at The O2), Up at The O2, Cineworld Cinema and/or Oxygen Free Jumping) shall not be included in this offer. Please ask a member of staff if you are unclear.
    • The offer may only be redeemed (i) once per vehicle and (ii) by one customer per vehicle i.e. a monetary spend of £70 by one customer or combined customers sharing the same vehicle shall not entitle the customer(s) to 8 hours free parking
    • Not valid in conjunction with any other car park offer
    • This offer may be amended, suspended or withdrawn at any time by ICON Outlet at The O2 without notice
    • This offer is available to anyone aged 17 years or over
    • Use of the car parks is subject to our terms and conditions https://www.theo2.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions-legal
    • This offer and these terms are governed by the law of England and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales

These terms of use were updated on 28 August 2019