Friday 11 Jan 2019

Cath Kidston launch Bambi range

With Disney fans flocking to The O2 recently, we know there’s no shortage of Disney fans around here.

ICON Outlet is spoiled for choice on gorgeous Disney accessories, home wear and clothing, with the latest addition being the Cath Kidston Bambi Disney collection – we’d like one of everything, thanks.

The imaginative collection stars Bambi and his friends Thumper and Flower as they skip and play across signature Cath Kidston prints. Each playful print from the range celebrates the rich design and illustration heritage of both brands.

From cosy bedding sets to charming totes, there’s seriously nothing in your life that can’t be improved with some adorable Bambi print. We can’t think of a more perfect theme as we spring out of the darkness of Winter.

We’ve got gorgeous purses and bags, if you’re into “a hint” of Bambi, and items to suit every level of Disney-love.

For those passionate about home wear, you can choose from cushions, cups, and full tea sets, each with beautiful (and totally enviable) Bambi prints.

With so many gorgeous items to choose from, get yourself down to #iconattheo2, to add a touch of magic to your home, or your wardrobe.


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