Monday 15 Oct 2018

8 Steps to The Perfect Changing Room Selfie

Lights. Camera. Action!

Shopping is now so much more than just visiting stores and buying clothes.

It’s about rich and colourful experiences that we can share with the world – beautiful pictures that capture our very best selves.

Retailers and Shopping Centres alike are designing the shopper experience with the gram in mind. ICON Outlet is no different. With Instagrammable installations including seating areas covered in flowers, to photo booths and enviable Christmas decorations in the pipeline, there’s no shortage of cool backdrops to share your epic shopping experience.

In creating ICON Outlet, we’ve blended world famous fashion brands, with world-class entertainment. We want this shopping experience to make you feel like you are world famous too.

But let’s face it; some stars do Instagram better than others.

Want some inspiration? Check out our 10 favourite pop stars on Instagram:

But there’s an art to it. Creating the perfect changing room selfie is no happy accident. It’s a combination of elements, that when arranged correctly create something magical. Kendall Jenner, eat your heart out.

We’re here to share some secrets to help you make your day at ICON Outlet as gorgeous and sharable as possible. Try out the steps below on your next visit and let us help you create your proudest social media moment.

1. Eye it up: Make sure you’re looking at the camera, not at the mirror.

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2. Angle delight: Try taking the picture on a slant for a quirky twist.

3. Game face: Switch up the facial expressions to add variety and show all sides to your personality.

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4. Creative crop: Not all shots have to be full length. You could play around with close crops, to show off just a small detail on the outfit to add mystery and spice up your feed.

5. In the frame: It depends on the shop, but the frame and the type of mirror you are using will impact the shot you take. If the frame is fun, why not get that involved. You may need a friend to help you get the optimum angle!

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6. Camera position: Hold your phone slightly above the level of your eyes. Shooting a selfie from a higher angle can make you appear taller and slimmer

7. Share the limelight: If you’re with friends, get them involved too! It’s fun and it mixes up your feed with new faces and other outfits.

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8. Have fun!: A selfie is an expression of your personality, so let is shine through. Strike crazy poses, and don’t be afraid to try out new things.

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So you’re ready. Phones up, strike a post and get posting. Make sure you tag #IconattheO2, and we’ll be #regramming the best changing room selfies!


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